Arturo Aguilar

Arturo Aguilar

Ph.D. Economics 2012
Assistant Professor of Economics at Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
Arturo's research interests are in development, labor, and applied econometrics (including the influence of environmental components). In his most recent work... Read more about Arturo Aguilar
Hunt Allcott

Hunt Allcott

Ph.D. Public Policy 2009
Associate Professor, Department of Economics at New York University

Professor Allcott is an applied microeconomist who studies topics in behavioral economics, environmental economics, public economics, and industrial organization.... Read more about Hunt Allcott

Sarah Armitage

Sarah Armitage

Ph.D. Political Economy and Government 2022
Economic Fellow, Environmental Defense Fund


Sarah Armitage is an Economist Fellow at the Environmental Defense Fund for the 2022-2023 academic year; she will join the...

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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey

Ph.D. Public Policy 2020
Assistant Professor at University of Calgary
Megan will join the faculty at University of Calgary as Assistant Professor in Fall 2020. She seeks to evaluate the environmental efficacy and economic... Read more about Megan Bailey
Clare Balboni photo

Clare Balboni

3M Career Development Assistant Professor of Environmental at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I am the 3M Career Development Assistant Professor of Environmental Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of...

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Scott Barrett

Harvard University Center for the Environment Visiting Scholar (April 2007)
Lenfest-Earth Institute Professor of Natural Resource Economics at Columbia University
Scott Barrett was the first Harvard University Center for the Environment Visiting Scholar, in April 2007. He was hosted during his visit by Prof. Robert... Read more about Scott Barrett
Patrick Behrer

Patrick Behrer

Ph.D. Public Policy 2020
Economist: Sustainability and Infrastructure team in the Development Research Group at the World Bank

Patrick Behrer is an Economist at the World Bank;s Sustainability and Infrastructure Team in the Research Group.  In the Fall of 2020, Behrer was a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Center for Food Security and Environment at Stanford University. His fields of study are environmental economics and labor/public economics in developing countries. ... Read more about Patrick Behrer


Lori S. Bennear

Ph.D. Public Policy 2004
Associate Professor of Environmental Economics and Policy, Nicholas School of Environment at Duke University

Lori S. Bennear's research interests include environmental and natural resource economics, applied microeconomics, and empirical methods. Her research...

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Shweta Bhogale

Shweta Bhogale

Ph.D. Public Policy 2022
Post-doctoral Fellowship, JPALS' King Climate Action Initiative

Shweta's interests lie at the intersection of organizational economics and political economy in the context of common pool resources, particularly water.... Read more about Shweta Bhogale