Berkeley-Harvard-Yale Virtual Seminar Series


Berkeley-Harvard-Yale Virtual Seminar Series on the Economics of Climate Change and Energy Transition. 

Hosted by:

Robert Stavins & James Stock (Harvard University)

Maximillian Auffhammer & Catherine Wolfram (University of California, Berkeley)

Kenneth Gillingham & Matthew Kotchen (Yale University)


Past presenters are listed below, with links to recordings of their seminars.

Links to presentations are together at the bottom of the page.

Photo of Samuel Kortum
Samuel Kortum (Yale University)

April 15, 2020 - Samuel Kortum, Yale University, Michael Wang, Northwestern University, and David Weisbach, University of Chicago. “Optimal Unilateral Carbon Policy”

View a captioned recording of the seminar here.

Billy Pizer
Billy Pizer (Duke University)
Steve Cicala Photo
Steve Cicala (Tufts University)
Tamma Carleton
Tamma Carleton (University of Chicago)
Ken Gillingham photo
Kenneth Gillingham (Yale University)
Paige Weber Photo
Paige Weber (University of California, Santa Barbara)
April 15 - Kortum: "Optimal Unilateral Carbon Policy"1.7 MB
April 22 - Pizer: "Using Carbon Taxes to Meet an Emission Target"5.16 MB
April 29 - Cicala: "Advantageous Selection as a Policy Instrument: Unraveling Climate Change."359 KB
May 6 - Carleton: "Estimating a Social Cost of Carbon for Global Energy Consumption."7.55 MB
May 13 - Gillingham: "The Heterogeneous Value of Solar and Wind Energy: Empirical Evidence from the United States and Europe."791 KB
May 20 - Weber: "Dynamic Responses to Carbon Pricing in the Electricity Sector."664 KB