Past PhD Lunches

Environmental Economics Research Lunch

Students present their research in environmental and natural resource economics. The lunch is open to PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty from Boston area universities.


Spring 2021
Virtual via Zoom
Presentation Schedule

February 12: Elizabeth Spink

February 19: Jake Bradt

February 26: Johnny Tang

March 5: Shweta Bhogale

March 12: Frank Pinter

March 19: Tridevi Chakma (30 min); Chika Okafor (30 min)

March 26: Sarah Armitage

April 2: Eleanor Krause (30 min); Kristen McCormack (30 min)

April 9: Daniel Stuart

April 16: Max Vilgalys (30 min); OPEN (30 min)

April 23: Marcos Barrozo

April 30: Karl Aspelund


Fall 2020
All presentations will be held via Zoom using the link

Presentation Schedule

September 4: Faculty panel (Joe Aldy, Jim Stock, Rema Hanna, Clare Balboni (MIT))

September 11: Kenneth Norris

September 18: Max Vilgalys (MIT) (30 minutes); Chika Okafor (30 minutes)

September 25: Elizabeth Spink

October 2: Shefali Khanna

October 9: Eleanor Krause (30 minutes); Shweta Bhogale (30 minutes)

October 16: Allan Hsiao (MIT)

October 23: Sagar Saxena (30 minutes); Minghao Qiu (MIT) (30 minutes)

October 30: Sarah Armitage

November 6: Frank Pinter

November 13: Jacob Bradt

November 20: Daniel Stuart

December 4: Marcos Barozzo



Taubman 401 - 12:00 - 1:00 pm 
Virtual (Zoom) 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Spring 2020


February 7: Allan Hsiao

February 14: Elizabeth Spink

February 21: Jake Bradt (25min); Daniel Stuart (25min)

February 28: Sarah Armitage

March 6: Shweta Bhogale (25min); Yichun Fan (25min)

March 13: Megan Bailey

March 27: Shefali Khanna

April 3: Marcos Barrozo (25min); Eleanor Krause (25min)

April 10: Frank Pinter

April 17: Will Rafey

April 24: Patrick Behrer

May 1: Mariia Belaia (25min); Max Vilgalys (25min)



Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Fall 2019

September 6: Faculty panel

September 13: Kevin Rowe

September 20: No meeting (HEEP workshop)

September 27: Megan Bailey

October 4: Will Rafey

October 11: Elizabeth Spink

October 18: OPEN

October 25: Jacob Bradt (30 min); 30 min slot is OPEN

November 1: Sarah Armitage

November 8: Max Vilgalys (30 min); Aseem Mahajan (30 min)

November 15: Patrick Behrer

November 22: Dan Stuart

November 29: No meeting (Thanksgiving holiday)

December 6: Frank Pinter (30 min); Kristen McCormack (30 min)


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Spring 2019

February 8th - Daniel Stuart

February 15th - Julie Nguyen

February 22nd - Elizabeth Spink

March 1st - TBD

March 8th - Megan Bailey

March 15th - Will Rafey

March 29th - Frank Pinter

April 5th - Sarah Armitage

April 12th - Kevin Rowe

April 19th - Shefali Khanna

April 26th - Patrick Behrer

May 3rd - Mariia Belaia


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Fall 2018

September 7th - Faculty Panel: Rob Stavins, Rema Hanna, and Joe Aldy

September 14th - Zhaoyingzi Dong

September 21st - Jacquelyn Pless

September 28th - Daniel Velez-Lopez

October 5th - Sarah Armitage

October 12th - Elizabeth Spink

October 19th - Jayash Paudel

November 2nd - Megan Bailey

November 16th - Shefali Khanna

November 30th - Kevin Rowe

December 7th - Matthew Lilley

Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Spring 2018

February 2nd - Aseem Mahajan

February 9th - Patrick Behrer

February 23rd - Will Rafey

March 2nd - Giselle Montamat

March 9th - Kevin Rowe

March 23rd - Matthew Lilley

March 30th - Torben Mideksa

April 6th - Megan Bailey

April 13th - Aseem Mahajan (30 min) and Shefali Khanna (30 min)

April 27th - Stuart Iler

Spring 2014

February 21: Trevor O'Grady, "Consequences of External Intervention in Communal Resource Management: Evidence from Napoleon's Intervention in the Italian Alps."

February 28: Rich Sweeney, "The Impact of Environmental Regulation on US Oil Refineries."

March 7: Cuicui Chen, "How Do Live Plant Firms Respond to Border Inspection Changes? Evidence from the Propagative Material Release Program."

March 14: Sabrina Howell, "Financing Innovation: The Role of Government Grants and Private Equity in Funding Clean Energy Technology Startups."

March 28: Gabe Chan, "Financing wind energy deployment in China through the Clean Development Mechanism: additionality and technology diffusion" (half hour).
Emmanuelle Lavaine, "The Capacity of Hedonic Pricing Analysis to Reflect The Economic Benefits Of Air Quality" (half hour).

April 4: Lilei Xu, "An Examination of Over-Investment: Evidence from Natural Gas-Fired Electricity Generators, 2000 - 2005."

April 11: Jonathan Baker, "The impacts of groundwater pumping and other fluidic ideas: some (very) preliminary research results and a few ideas for moving forward."


April 25: Maria Acevedo, "The Effect of Rainfall Shocks on Labor Market Outcomes."

May 2: Janhavi Nilekani, "Evaluating Potential Particulate Matter Control Policies in India" (half hour).
Sam Stolper, "Exploring the Impact of Renewable Portfolio Standards in the U.S. Electricity Sector" (half hour).

For more information about the lunch schedule, please contact Sam Stolper or Liz Walker.


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Fall 2013

September 13: Welcome lunch and faculty panel on research in environmental economics

September 20: Jisung Park

September 27: Sonia Jaffe

October 4: CANCELLED

October 11: Gabe Chan

October 18: Rohit Chandra

October 25: Jisung Park

November 1: Lilei Xu

November 8: Liz Walker

November 15: Trisha Shrum

November 22: Sabrina Howell

December 6: Rich Sweeney

For more information about the lunch schedule, please contact Sam Stolper or Liz Walker.


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Spring 2013

February 22: Nick Ryan

March 15: Rich Sweeney

March 29: Thom Covert, "Learning about hydraulic fracturing in the North Dakota Bakken Shale."

April 5: Sam Stolper, "Connecting Water Pollution to Health: A Study of Indian Rivers."

April 12: This lunch has been CANCELLED. Liz Walker

April 19: Gabe Chan, "Evaluating the Benefits of Licensing Agreements for Technology Diffusion at the U.S. National Labs."

April 26: Lilei Xu   /  Anil Somani (11:30 - 1:00)

May 3: Thom Covert &  Rich Sweeney  /  Sabrina Howell & Lilei Xu, "Consumer Preferences for Automobiles in China and Policies to Promote Alternative Fuels." (11:30 - 1:00)

For more information about the lunch schedule, please contact Rich Sweeney.


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Fall 2012

October 12: Jisung Park and Tom Gole, "Planetary Geo-Engineering and Climate Change: A Free-Driver Problem?"

October 19: Anil Somani, "Market policies to control health effects of outdoor air pollution in India."

October 26: Rich Sweeney, "Environmental Regulation and Market Structure."

November 2: Gabe Chan - TBD

November 9: Sabrina Howell - TBD

November 16: Joe Shapiro, "Trade and the environment."

November 23: No meeting - Thanksgiving Break

November 30: Elizabeth Walker - TBD

December 7: Evan Herrnstadt - TBD

For more information about the lunch schedule, please contact Rich Sweeney.


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Spring 2012

March 23: Robyn Meeks, "Economics of a Lightbulb: Experimental Evidence on CFLs and End-User Behavior."

March 30: Matt Ranson, "Crime, Weather, and Climate Change."

April 6: Thom Covert, "Learning and Experimentation in the Bakken Shale."

April 13: Rich Sweeney, "Environmental Regulation of US Oil Refineries."

April 20: Evan Herrnstadt - TBD

April 27: Marta Vicarelli - TBD (Research lunch will be held in Littauer 382 this day)

May 4: Gabe Chan, "Innovation at National Labs."

For more information about the lunch schedule, please contact Rich Sweeney.


Taubman 401 from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Fall  2011

September 9: Matt Ranson (job market) - "Discontinuities and Identification in Forward-Looking Hedonic Models"
September 16: Kate Sims - “Forest Conservation and Slippage: Evidence from Mexico’s National Payments for Ecosystem Services Program.”
September 30: Robyn Meeks (job market) - "The impact of drinking water infrastructure on time allocation and farm production: evidence from the Kyrgyz Republic."
October 7: Olga Rostapshova - "Disentangling Drivers of Cooperation: Public Good Experiments and Water in Rural Kenyan Communities"
October 14: Liz Walker - TBD
October 21: Nick Ryan - "Is There an Energy-Efficiency Gap? Experimental Evidence from India."
October 28: Arturo Aguilar (job market) - "El Nino and Mexican children: Medium-term effects of early-life weather shocks on cognitive and health outcomes"
November 4: Sam Stolper - "Negative Externalities of Urbanization: Water Pollution and Infant Health in India"
November 18: Anil Somani - "Dynamic Economy-Energy-Environment model of India"
December 2: Thom Covert - TBD

For more information about the lunch schedule, please contact Rich Sweeney.