International Climate Change Policy after Paris

Research Workshop Hosted by the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements
Harvard Kennedy School
July 14 – 15, 2016

Purpose of the workshop: To identify research-based options for elaborating and implementing the Paris Agreement—and to identify policies and institutions that might complement or supplement the UNFCCC process.

Schedule: The workshop will begin at 9:00 am on Thursday, July 14 and end at 12:00 noon on Friday, July 15. There will also be a workshop dinner the evening of July 14.

Logistical information: Please read important logistical information (location [basic information also below], directions, shuttle bus, organizers' contact information, etc.) here.

Location: All meetings and meals (except for the Thursday evening dinner) are in the Allison Dining Room, Taubman Building, Fifth Floor--at the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Directions to and a map of HKS are here. Thursday evening's dinner is at the Le Meridien Hotel Cambridge-MIT.

Zip file of workshop materials and presentations (9.3 mb)


Agenda and information about participants:

Agenda for the Workshop

List of participants

Biographies of participants

Workshop Presentations:

In alphabetical order of participant:

"The Role of Domestic Policy Surveillance in the Multilateral Climate Transparency Regime"
Joseph Aldy

"The Paris Agreement: We can do (and have done) Better"
Scott Barrett

"Legal Dimensions of the Evolving Paris Regime"
Daniel Bodansky

"Clubs, R&D, and finance: Incentives for ambitious GHG emission reductions"
Carlo Carraro

"Transparency and Contributions Metrics"
Mariana Conte Grand

"Coordinated CO2 Prices and Strategic Transfers"
Ottmar Edenhofer (and Ulrike Kornek)

"Bilateral and Mini-multilateral Agreements as Complements to the UNFCCC Process"
Kelly Sims Gallagher

"After Paris: Review and Credibility"
Bard Harstad

"Funding Adaptation"
Geoffrey Heal

"A Club—or Coalition—of Carbon Markets"
Nathaniel Keohane

"Thoughts on Climate Adaptation"
Henry Lee

"Understanding and Elaborating Article 6"
Andrei Marcu

"Forests, Land-Use, and Climate-Change Policy in a Post-Paris World"
Brian Murray

"Network Analysis and Global Climate Governance"
Matthew Paterson

"Government-to-Government Carbon Market Trading"
William Pizer

"Equity & Differentiation in the 2015 Paris Agreement"
Lavanya Rajamani

"Market Mechanisms in the Paris Agreement: International Linkage under Article 6.2"
Robert Stavins

"The Regime Complex for Climate Finance: A Post-Paris Assessment"
Alexander Thompson

"Enhancing ambition successively: roles, drivers, and institutional arrangement"
Zou Ji


The Harvard Project on Climate Agreements gratefully acknowledges the Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund for major support for this workshop and a larger initiative of which it is part. Support was also provided by the Harvard University Center for the Environment and BP.