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Kelsey Jack

Ph.D. Public Policy 2010
Associate Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California at Santa Barbara

My research is at the intersection of environmental and development economics, with a...

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Julia Joo-A Lee

Ph.D. Public Policy 2015
Assistant Professor at University of Michigan Ross School of Business

I am an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, and study the psychology of...

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Felipe Jordán

HEEP Pre-Doctoral Fellow
Ph.D. Student in Political Economy and Government

Felipe’s research focuses on the political economy of sustainable development. Specifically, he is interested in how institutions interact with local...

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Nathaniel Keohane

Ph.D. Political Economy and Government 2001
Senior Vice President, Climate at the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

Nathaniel Keohane is Senior Vice President at Environmental Defense Fund, where he leads EDF’s Climate program and helps to shape the organization’s...

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Eleanor Krause

HEEP Pre-Doctoral Fellow
Ph.D. Student in Public Policy
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Joseph Lassiter

Joseph Lassiter

HEEP Faculty Fellow
Senior Fellow and Senator John Heinz Professor of Management Practice in Environmental Management at the Harvard Business School, Retired

Joe teaches about energy and climate-related issues in the HBS MBA program as well as in Harvard University’s Executive Education programs.  He is a...

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