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Trisha Shrum

Ph.D. Public Policy 2016
Assistant Professor at University of Vermont College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Trisha is a behavioral and environmental economist who uses modeling and experimental methods to better understand human behavior related to...

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James Stock

James Stock

HEEP Faculty Fellow
Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy in the Department of Economics at Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School

James H. Stock is the Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Faculty of Arts and Sciences and member of the faculty at Harvard Kennedy School.... Read more about James Stock

Dmitry Taubinsky

Ph.D. Business Economics 2014
Assistant Professor of Economics at University of California Berkeley

Dmitry conducts research at the intersection of public economics and behavioral economics, using a combination of theory and experiments. He studies...

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Edmond Toy

Ph.D. Health Policy 2002
Director, Colorado Health Institute

Edmond Toy, Director, joined the Colorado Health Institute in June 2016. He applies his expertise in economics and analytics to a wide variety of projects...

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Gergely Ujhelyi

Ph.D. Economics 2007
Associate Professor, Department of Economics at the University of Houston

Gergely's research studies public policies and the organization of government using a combination of theoretical and empirical methods. Topics of current...

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Richard Vietor

Richard Vietor

HEEP Faculty Fellow and Steering Committee Member
Baker Foundation Professor; Paul Whiton Cherington Professor of Business Administration, Emeritus at the Harvard Business School

Richard Vietor is the Baker Foundation Professor; Paul Whiton Cherington Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School. He is...

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