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Hidden Truths Behind China's Smokescreen

January 29, 2016

[Financial Times ]...How serious a problem is offshoring pollution? It’s not trivial. In 2007, Joseph Aldy of Harvard’s Kennedy School published research showing clear evidence of this pollution-export effect within the US. Richer states seemed to be emitting less carbon dioxide per person as their economies grew. Alas, Aldy concluded that the effect could be explained entirely by the rich having bought their electricity from poorer states rather than generating it at home.

Pols Talk Tough on Climate Change, but Boost Funds for Renewable Energy

January 26, 2016

[Public Radio International ]...“To be honest, I think, in the near term at least, lifting the oil export ban isn't going to have a meaningful impact on the US economy, on production,” Aldy says. “Low oil prices are probably having a negative effect right now on production regardless of whether a domestic oil driller could move that oil into a foreign market.”


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