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The U.S.-China Climate Deal is Historic, but it Will Still Take More to Save the Planet

November 12, 2014

[The Washington Post ]..."I take what happened last night as really one of the most important developments that I’ve seen in the international negotiations over the last 5 to ten years," says Robert Stavins, an environmental economist at the Harvard Kennedy School. That is not because of the literal emissions reductions that China and the United States have pledged, but rather because of the fact that they lay a foundation for more movement in reducing the emissions of other developing nations (besides China).

Ghost of Milton Friedman Materializes in Chicago, Endorses a Price on Carbon

October 29, 2014

[The Huffington Post ]...Steve Cicala, who is an assistant professor at the U of C's Harris School of Public Policy, then brings us into the logic of Friedman's conclusion with a hypothetical. Let's pretend, he says, that he owns a steel mill that sells its product for $100 a ton. And let's further pretend that co-panelist Michael Greenstone, who is the U of C's Milton Friedman Professor of Economics, lives downwind from his mill.

E.U. Greenhouse Gas Deal Falls Short of Expectations

October 24, 2014

[The New York Times ]...The deal requires a 40 percent cut in emissions from levels in 1990, a period when carbon pollution from European coal plants was at high levels. In the United States, President Obama is pushing policies to cut carbon pollution by 17 percent from levels in 2005, a year in which carbon pollution was much lower, according to Robert N. Stavins of the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements.