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Getting a Fair Deal

May 21, 2015

[Nature ]...It is far from the top-down Kyoto Protocol system — favoured by the EU — that laid down emissions reduction targets for each country. Yet the international legal regime remains important, even if pledges are confined to national law, because it can set the rules for review. “You need a significant review system that puts the spotlight on leaders and laggards — and imposes a political cost on the latter,” says Joseph Aldy, assistant professor of Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School

HEEP Awards Student Prizes for 2014-2015 Academic Year

May 19, 2015

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Harvard Environmental Economics Program has, for the sixth consecutive year, awarded three prizes to Harvard University students for the best research papers addressing a topic in environmental, energy, or resource economics—one prize each for an undergraduate paper or senior thesis, master’s student paper, and doctoral student paper. Each prize was accompanied by a monetary award.


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