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How the EPA Puts a Price Tag on Pollution

July 1, 2015

[Wired ]...Coming up with the total economic burden of the scrubbers is easy: Just calculate the price of equipment, labor, and industrial downtime, then subtract that total from each power plant’s bottom line. “But estimating the anticipated economic cost of regulation is a lot easier than estimating the savings that come from environmental benefits,” says Robert Stavins, a Harvard economist who specializes in environmental policy.

At a Crossroads, Biofuels Seek a New Path Forward

June 29, 2015

[MIT Technology Review ]...“The current first-generation biofuels mainly use food crops as feedstock and are either expensive or have modest [greenhouse gas] improvements over petroleum fuels,” concluded a report released in April by the Columbia Center on Global Energy Policy, written by James Stock, a professor of political economy at Harvard’s Kennedy School and a former member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers.

Championing Environment, Francis Takes Aim at Global Capitalism

June 18, 2015

[The New York Times ]...“I respect what the pope says about the need for action, but this is out of step with the thinking and the work of informed policy analysts around the world, who recognize that we can do more, faster, and better with the use of market-based policy instruments — carbon taxes and/or cap-and-trade systems,” Robert N. Stavins, the director of the environmental economics program at Harvard, said in an email.


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