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Nudge Theory: Will New Fuel Prices Make People Go Green in the UAE?

August 1, 2015

[The National UAE ]...Some claim it’s not big enough to deter people from using their gas guzzlers. Others insist it’s so big it will hit those already struggling with the high cost of living.

Either way, its consequences will be closely monitored by advocates of the hottest idea in public policymaking right now: Nudge Theory.

Named and popularised by American academics Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein, Nudge Theory aims to spark positive changes in behaviour by tilting our options, rather than restricting them.

The Economic Options for Combatting Climate Change

July 16, 2015

[PBS NewsHour Video ]...GERNOT WAGNER, Environmental Defense Fund: Last time concentrations of CO2 were as high as they are today, we did in fact have sea levels up to 66 feet higher than today. Well, 66 feet and this house is gone.

PAUL SOLMAN: Now, Weitzman and Wagner can’t know for sure, of course, that manmade higher temperatures are rising the tides here or anywhere else, but a plausible probability of true catastrophe was enough to prompt “Climate Shock,” about the dangers that lurk, dangers Weitzman wasn’t worried about when he first went into environmental economics years ago.

The Right Price on Emissions

July 14, 2015

[Bloomberg View ] Cass Sunstein: An executive order from President Barack Obama requires that the Environmental Protection Agency analyze the costs and benefits of its regulations. But how exactly can it measure the economic benefits of the coming restrictions on greenhouse gases? For both policy and law (including the inevitable court challenges), it's a crucial question.


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