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'Trust but Verify' Should be a Motto of Paris Climate Talks

November 30, 2015

[The Christian Science Monitor ] Joseph Aldy: The United States, like many other countries, has been participating in negotiations in the lead-up to the United Nations' conference on climate change in Paris. The goal is to craft a policy framework that is going to engage all countries in combating global warming and establish institutions that can continue to spur more ambitious efforts over time.

Paris Climate Summit Could Bring Historic Deal on Emissions, but Likely Won't Halt Climate Change

November 29, 2015

[Los Angeles Times ]...Robert Stavins, a Harvard economist who studies international climate policy and negotiations, wrote on his blog this month that the earlier distinction between developed and developing countries "made progress on climate change impossible, because growth in emissions since the protocol came into force in 2005 is entirely in the large developing countries — China, India, Brazil, Korea, South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia."


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