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EPA's Critics Are Wrong: It's Not About Politics

October 2, 2015

[Bloomberg View ] Cass Sunstein: This week’s decision by the Environmental Protection Agency, imposing a new limit on ground-level ozone at 70 parts per billion, was eminently reasonable -- an impressive vindication of both law and science. The loud objections, coming from both the business community and environmental groups, are unconvincing. (Disclosure: As administrator of the White House's Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, I was involved in the 2011 decision to postpone the ozone regulation.)

How Can Energy be Stored More Safely?

October 2, 2015

[World Economic Forum ]...In some states, as well as many parts of the world, if it can’t be used instantly to meet, solar energy incident on solar panels goes to waste if the electricity isn’t stored. However, in many states, customers have the right to sell electricity produced by rooftop solar panels at high consumer rates under a regulatory scheme called “net metering.” Under those circumstances, consumers have little incentive to install batteries. However, market experts like William W. Hogan,


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