HEEP Pre-Doctoral Fellow Awarded Joseph Crump Fellowship

September 29, 2020
Kristen McCormack
Kristen McCormack

Kristen McCormack, HEEP Pre-Doctoral Fellow and Ph.D. student in Public Policy, was awarded the Joseph Crump Fellowship for 2020. As a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard, Kristen is studying environmental, public, and labor economics. She recently published papers examining the factors responsible for the recent decline in coal-fired power plant profitability (RAND, 2019) and highlighting the role of policy design and market fundamentals in contributing to the price volatility of compliance certificates used under the Renewable Fuel Standard (AJAE, 2020). Prior to her graduate studies at Harvard, Kristen received a B.A. in economics from Pomona College and worked as a research assistant at Resources for the Future.

The Crump Fellowship was established in 1985 to support a Harvard Ph.D. student conducting research at the intersection of the environment, natural resource management, and energy policy.

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