Rolling the Dice in the Corridors of Power: William Nordhaus's Impacts on Climate Change Policy

January 19, 2021
William Nordhaus

HEEP Director, Robert Stavins and HEEP Faculty Fellow, Joseph Aldy, have published a new article in the journal Climate Change Economics. The article, “Rolling the Dice in the Corridors of Power: William Nordhaus’s Impacts on Climate Change Policy,” focuses on the contributions that Nordhaus’s research has made in the realm of public policy when it comes to global climate change. The subtle ways that Nordhaus has affected both domestic (U.S.) and international climate policies is examined by Stavins and Aldy as they dissect three distinct pathways for that influence: Nordhaus’s personal participation in the policy world; his research’s direct contribution to the formulation and evaluation of public policy; and his research’s indirect role informing public policy.