Harvard Project Receives Award from Harvard University Climate Fund for Second Year

March 16, 2017
Charles River

The Harvard Project on Climate Agreements—a HEEP initiative—received a grant in March 2017 from the Harvard University Climate Change Solutions Fund for the second year in a row, along with six other programs and projects at Harvard University. The awardees are profiled in an article in the Harvard Gazette. The announcement was also covered in Boston Magazine and Harvard Magazine.

The Harvard Project's initiative aims to explore the efficacy of diverse policies intended to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement, with the goal of developing research and briefs that will inform the 23rd annual United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change meeting of the parties in November 2017. The initiative will focus on aspects of the Paris Agreement relevant to market mechanisms, which include greenhouse-gas emissions-trading systems and carbon taxes. These policy approaches can be a more cost-effective way to reduce emissions than regulations that impose a uniform performance standard or technology requirements.

Photo credit: Martha Stewart

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