2020 Placements for Graduating Pre-Doctoral Fellows

May 22, 2020
Megan Bailey and Patrick Behrer
Megan Bailey and Patrick Behrer

Two Pre-Doctoral Fellows with the Harvard Environmental Economics Program received their Ph.D’s on Thursday, May 28th, 2020 and have accepted new positions.

Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey has accepted a position at the University of Calgary as Assistant Professor and will be starting there in the Fall. Megan’s general body of research includes climate change policy and innovation incentives. Her research is “motivated by a desire to provide good information to policymakers on how to craft cost-effective climate policy using empirical evidence on firm behavior.” She says that she is “excited to be moving to Calgary, in which there is a hub of energy firms” and that “there is ample opportunity for engaging the private sector in good scholarship and policy advice. Thinking about innovation is one major piece of this engagement. Additionally, environmental policy will now inevitably be at least affected by, if not linked with, economic recovery in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope to be a part of this discussion with my work.”

Patrick Behrer

Patrick Behrer will be headed to Stanford University, where he has accepted a Post-Doctoral Researcher position at the Center for Food Security and Environment. He will begin his Post-Doc work in the Fall. In addition to Stanford, Behrer has also been offered an appointment as Economist at the World Bank where he will join the Sustainability and Infrastructure team in the Development Research Group. He will begin his appointment at the Bank after working as a Post-Doc for one year at Stanford. Behrer says “I will continue my research on the trade-offs between environmental quality and economic growth, particularly in the context of agriculture and adaptation to climate change.”

Congratulations to both Megan and Patrick on receiving their degrees and for their new placements at the University of Calgary, Stanford University, and the World Bank!

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