Jurgen Weiss

Jurgen Weiss

HEEP Faculty Fellow
Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School
Jurgen Weiss

Jurgen Weiss is an energy and industrial organization economist with 25 years of professional experience. His work focuses on the fundamental transformation of the energy industry in light of rapid technological change and climate change-related pressures. He has published, consulted and testified on specific topics such as the decarbonization/electrification of transportation and buildings, the deep decarbonization of the power sector and the impacts these changes have on assets, (carbon and energy) market design, market structures, long-term planning needs, and business models for companies inside and outside the energy industry. He has served on advisory councils for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard, the King Abdullah City of Atomic and Renewable Energy in Saudi Arabia, and the Department of Energy’s Wind Vision Task Force.

In addition to his position as a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School, Dr. Weiss continues to be a Principal at The Brattle Group. Previously, Dr. Weiss was a co-founder and managing director of Watermark Economics, the managing director of Point Carbon’s global advisory practice, a director at LECG, and an associate of Booz Allen & Hamilton. Dr. Weiss holds an MBA from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard University.

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