Berkeley/Harvard/Yale Environmental Economics Seminar


Wednesday, May 12, 2021, 3:00pm to 4:00pm

Repeats every 2 weeks every Wednesday until Wed May 12 2021

Berkeley/Harvard/Yale EEE Seminar

Organizers Spring 2021: Ken Gillingham and Matt Kotchen

Co-organizers: Rob Stavins, Jim Stock, Max Aufhammer, and Catherine Wolfram

Teaching Fellow: Stephanie Weber, Yale

Time: 1-2 PM Pacific, 4-5 PM Eastern

Location: Zoom (links will be distributed over email)

February 3, 2021: Nick Ryan, Yale University, "Holding Up Green Energy"

February 17, 2021: Lucas Davis, University of California, Berkeley, "What Matters for Electrification? Evidence from 70 Years of U.S. Home Heating Choices." Zoom Link

March 3, 2021: Todd Gerarden, Cornell University, TBD

March 17, 2021: Karen Clay, Carnegie Mellon University, "Margins of Adjustment to the Clean Air Act: Evidence from the U.S. Powe Sector from 1938-1994."

March 31, 2021: Florian Grosset and Wolfram Schlenker, Columbia University, "Pushed to Cross the Line: Multiperiod Pollution Standards and the Cost of Environmental Regulation."

April 14, 2021: Susanna Berkouwer and Joshua Dean, University of Pennsylvania, "Credit and Attention in the Adoption of Profitable Energy Efficient Technologies in Kenya."

April 28, 2021: Namrata Kala, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, TBD

May 12, 2021: Fiona Burlig, University of Chicago, "Groundwater, Energy, and Crop Choice."

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